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“Jodi’s determination to change stereotypes has always inspired me because I can see myself and my own daughter in her experience.  Her advocacy of female empowerment, girl empowerment, and gender equality is fierce and I admire her entrepreneurial journey and her never give up spirit to constantly challenge the status quo. That is how we make change.”


- Gretchen Carlson, Acclaimed Journalist, Best-Selling Author of “Be Fierce” and Female Empowerment Advocate

 “Jodi is on the front lines of the battle against beauty sickness, dedicated to creating a healthier world for girls."


- Renee Engeln, Ph.D., Professor of Instruction, Department of Psychology, Northwestern University, Author of “Beauty Sick”

“Jodi’s passion and determination to make a positive change portraying girls beyond stereotypes is impressive. She has provided a true alternative with the Go! Go! Sports Girls line and continues to encourage and inspire girls in so many ways.  Brava!”


-Jean Kilbourne, Ed.D., Author, Filmmaker, Feminist Activist